Minimalist is a firm believer that the world over complicates and keeps looking for ways to make us "efficiently busy." 

Minimalist thinks the opposite. The products you buy that "simplify" further keep you connected to the things that don't necessarily matter. Further to this, you end up with more technological baggage and more things that pull you away from the important moments. 

So we have set out to create a considered solution to what we saw as issues with over consumption and give back to the planet at the same time. 

Thus our commitments are:

 Simple accessories 

Reduce the connectivity. Reduce the size. Reduce the noise. We want our items to be useful for purpose, nothing more. Every item we choose will be chosen so that it fits only the absolute core of functionality, this keeps you focused and present in all that you do. 

Take care of our best friends

Our most special partner and one we hold closest is Animals Australia. We care a whole lot about the treatment of animals and think we still don't treat as well as what we should. With this said, Minimalist donates 10% of all revenue to Animals Australia. We hope that through their activities we can push forward, bringing and end to animal mistreatment. 

About Minimalist

Make the planet a better place

We have partnered with Carbon Neutral. Every sale will have a proportion of revenue go to Carbon Neutral whom will plant trees, and work to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. 

They've already planted of 29+ million trees!

   About Minimalist

We look forward to building with you and are excited you have taken an interest in us. 

If theres anything you think we could do or any product suggestion lines you feel just are being met elsewhere, drop us an email. 

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